Rabu, 09 November 2016

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Here's a brand-new fun-filled book for kids who love to doodle. More than 100 different cartoon-style illustrations with humorous captions are presented--but the pictures are only half completed. All pictures need kids to finish them by drawing in imaginative details--and the funnier, the better! There are absolutely no rules. It's up to each boy or girl to add any details that strike their fancy in order to make every picture complete. For example, kids will find a picture of a snoozing cat who is being watched by a curious mouse, and the caption reads, "What adventure is the cat dreaming about?"  Young doodle artists are free to sketch in any details that they think might describe the cat's dream. All they need as a pencil and an idea. Here's a delightful new book guaranteed to provide hours of pure fun.

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